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Experience the magic of Harry Potter come to life with Edinburgh’s ” Harry Potter” City Tour. This unique tour takes you on a journey through the enchanting streets of Edinburgh, where J.K. Rowling found inspiration for her famous books.

Explore iconic locations like Greyfriars Kirkyard, Victoria Street, and Edinburgh Castle, as you learn about the history and secrets that inspired the magical world of Hogwarts. Immerse yourself in the rich Scottish history and dark tales of the city while walking through the cobbled streets and admiring the beautiful buildings. With knowledgeable guides and interactive experiences, this tour promises an amazing and genuine adventure that will transport you into the world of Harry Potter. Don’t miss out on this magical experience during your visit to Edinburgh and have an amazing time.

Greyfriars Kirkyard: Inspiration for character names

Greyfriars Kirkyard, located in Edinburgh, has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. However, its role in the world of Harry Potter has given it a newfound fame. J.K. Rowling, the author of the beloved series, found inspiration from the tombstones in Greyfriars Kirkyard for some of her characters’ names.

Walking through this ancient cemetery, you’ll discover the real-life influences behind the fictional world of Hogwarts. Tombstones bearing names like Thomas Riddell and Elizabeth Moodie sparked Rowling’s imagination and were later immortalized in her books.

Greyfriars Kirkyard has become a must-visit destination for Harry Potter enthusiasts. During the tour, our knowledgeable guides will point out the tombstones that inspired characters like Voldemort, McGonagall, and even Sirius Black.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the secrets and tales hidden within this enchanting cemetery.

A little more about Greyfriars Kirkyard, Bobby the legendary dog of Edinburgh.

One of the most heartwarming tales associated with Greyfriars Kirkyard is that of Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier who captured the hearts of the locals. Known for his unwavering loyalty.

The story begins when Bobby’s owner, John Grey, a nightwatchman in the 19th century, passed away and was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Even though his owner was no longer alive, Bobby refused to leave his side. Day after day, in rain or shine, the loyal dog could be found sitting by his master’s grave.

Visitors to Edinburgh can still experience the charm and dedication of Greyfriars Bobby while exploring the historical wonders of Greyfriars Kirkyard. This legendary dog’s story is a testament to the enduring power of love and loyalty, making it a must-see attraction for both locals and tourists alike.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle, a majestic fortress perched atop Castle Rock, is not only an iconic symbol of Scotland’s rich history but also a place of inspiration for J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts Castle. This historic landmark, with its grandeur and captivating architecture, is said to have influenced Rowling’s vision of the magical school in her beloved Harry Potter series. As visitors explore the castle’s ancient chambers and walk along its cobbled streets, they can almost imagine themselves traversing the halls of Hogwarts. From the medieval Great Hall to the atmospheric St. Margaret’s Chapel, the castle’s unique blend of history and enchantment makes it a must-see for fans of both Scottish history and the world of Harry Potter. 

Streets that appeared in the Harry Potter Movies

In the enchanting world of Harry Potter, several key locations and streets played a pivotal role in bringing the magical narrative to life on the big screen. Among these iconic settings are Victoria Street, Candlemaker Row, and Lauriston Place, each having a unique significance in the Harry Potter movies.

Victoria Street, with its charming and distinctive architecture, served as the primary inspiration for the enchanting Diagon Alley in the films. This bustling street, filled with vibrant shops and whimsical storefronts, captured the essence of the magical marketplace where witches and wizards would shop for their enchanted supplies.

Just a stone’s throw away from Diagon Alley is Candlemaker Row, a narrow and atmospheric cobblestone street. It is believed to have provided inspiration for the winding and sloping streets of Diagon Alley, further immersing visitors in the enchanting world of Harry Potter.

These streets not only served as the physical backdrops for key scenes in the Harry Potter movies but also held historical significance in their own right. By exploring them, fans of the series can connect with J.K. Rowling’s inspiration and gain a deeper understanding of the magical world she created.

Victoria Street

Victoria Street in Edinburgh is not only a picturesque and historic street but also holds significant relevance to the world of Harry Potter. This charming and winding street served as the inspiration for Diagon Alley, the bustling shopping district where aspiring wizards and witches purchase their magical supplies.

J.K. Rowling herself has once mentioned that Victoria Street was one of the streets that strongly influenced her when she was creating the wizarding world. Its enchanting charm and timeless appeal provided the perfect backdrop for the magical shopping experience that she wanted to portray in her books.

Sites Along Victoria Street that Appear in the Harry Potter Films

Several sites along Victoria Street have appeared in the Harry Potter films, bringing to life the bustling and whimsical shopping district of Diagon Alley. One notable location is The Elephant House, a cozy café where J.K. Rowling spent countless hours writing the early chapters of the Harry Potter series. Its charming interior and views of Edinburgh Castle provided the perfect ambiance for the creation of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Another site is Diagon House, a vibrant shop filled with wizarding paraphernalia. This charming store, which sells a wide range of Harry Potter merchandise, is a must-visit for any fan of the series. Its exterior was used as the filming location for the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron, the famous pub and gateway to Diagon Alley.

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